Pet City

A challenge for Pet City

Opening a 6,000 sq ft hyperstore meant a totally different way of doing business


Relocating to a retail park

Pet City had been a fixture in Leeds city centre for 30 years, but the store was struggling. With neighbouring shops closing, the family-run business decided staying put was not an option. In a bold move it relocated to an out-of-town retail park in Bradford.

Opening a 6000 sq ft hyperstore meant a totally different way of doing business.

Maximising space for animals, birds and reptiles

Salepoint was asked to come up with ideas for the layout and merchandising. For a store that stocks small animals, birds, small reptiles and fish, as well as food and accessories, it was important to maximise use of space. As a result, customers have to go a long way to find anything to match the choice offered at Pet City.

The style of retailing now promotes browsing, interest and a lot of self-selection. In the first two days of trading the new unit’s turnover exceeded the budget for the first whole week – and sales have continued to be very encouraging.

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