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Providing a premium shopping experience for Cookes

‘To continue competing at this level we need the support of innovative and experienced partners like Salepoint’


Customised shopfittings

Salepoint is helping Yorkshire-based, family firm, Cookes Pet Supplies, take on the heavy-hitters of the pet retail industry – and win – by providing customers with a premium shopping experience and a hand-picked range of high quality products they won’t find at a multi-national megastore, supermarket or online discount retailer.

Salepoint provided customised shopfittings for the company’s shops in Rotherham, Sheffield and at the most recent addition to the Cookes network, a purpose-built store in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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Colour co-ordinated shelving and display systems

Cookes is renowned for a commitment to animal welfare – and customer satisfaction – that led to the retailer rejecting mass-market pet food brands. Instead, Cookes sources and sells premium-quality cat and dog food products with proven nutritional value. Customers visiting the Barnsley store will find it easier than ever to locate their favourite pet food brand. All they have to do is look for the purpose-built, colour-co-ordinated shelving and display systems created by Salepoint in shades of red, green and black that complement the products’ packaging.

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Doing things differently

Because Salepoint provided everything required to create a continuous run of display shelving in the appropriate brand colours, Cookes saved on the time – and potential expense – sourcing products direct from other suppliers.

‘Cookes is a local store – and proud of our Yorkshire roots – but, after 70 years in business, our continuing success in this fiercely competitive market depends on our ability to compete with the largest chains, online and discount retailers for every customer and every sale. That means doing things differently, offering customers a choice of products and services they can’t find elsewhere’ said Andrew Cooke, Cookes Pet Supplies.

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Taking full advantage of a blank canvas

‘To continue competing at this level, we need the support of innovative and experienced partners like Salepoint. During the Barnsley development project, Salepoint helped us take full advantage of the ‘blank canvas’ provided by the 500 sq. m. retail space which had been purpose-built for our use.’

‘Salepoint came up with great ideas, alerting us to possibilities we hadn’t considered that, ultimately, helped us make the most effective use of layout and product display. They were quick to point out alternative approaches that would provide excellent results at the same time as saving money. Despite changing our minds along the way, Salepoint’s organisational skills and responsive delivery service ensured the project ran smoothly and without delay.’

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Customers love it and find it easy to use

‘Our customers tell us they appreciate the Barnsley store’s the store’s ‘clean’ appearance and layout which makes it easy to find and buy exactly what they want. In fact, we’ve had complements from customers about the design and layout of all three stores – and how often does that happen?

Andrew Cooke concluded: “For any future store layout changes or revamps I will be calling Salepoint at the idea stage, their knowledge of what is available and possible is an immense help. The ability to have custom coloured shelving at a reasonable cost allows us to segregate specific areas within our store which highlight different product groups and create a store within a store.”

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